Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gene doping - from my thriller straight into the 2012 Olympics?!

I speculate about this in my thriller THE GENE THIEF - but is this already a reality?

OLYMPIC GENES FOR OLYMPIC DREAMS: Genetically modified athletes: Forget drugs. There are even suggestions some Chinese athletes' genes are altered to make them stronger!

The controversy over Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen’s astonishing gold medal performance in the London olympics has raised concerns about genetic enhancement of athletes and the chilling possibility of Frankenstein athletes - an unbeatable master-race of genetically manipulated super-competitors with enhanced lung-power and heightened strength. While this might appear to belong to the world of science-fiction, the scientists are taking this very seriously.

Dr Ted Friedmann, chair of the genetics panel of the World Anti-Doping Agency, said he ‘would not be surprised at all’ if gene enhancement were not now being secretly used by some competitors. Laboratory experiments have already shown that the science can work.

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